Benefits of a Fractional CIO

Amazing Fractional CIOs?

Why Aren’t You Using a Fractional CIO Yet?

With the supply chain at risk of cybersecurity attacks, it is no longer a matter of “if” you will get attacked but of when. You have heard this before, but cybersecurity attacks are not the only threat to your business, and as an intelligent leader, you know you are only as good as your best advisors.

You have outsourced your IT staff to a fantastic managed service provider, or your in-house team is doing great because you haven’t seen any issues leading to a false sense of security. Is your team doing everything they are supposed to? Would you know if they aren’t?

You know the future of your business and the goals you have set. Should your company be ready for any threat to your company, both internal and external? What do you need to ensure that you are secure no matter what comes your way?

A Fractional CIO helps with technology roadmaps, business process improvements, business technology strategy, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans. There are many other strategic areas that your IT staff will not. The Fractional CIO will help move your company forward with new ideas for improving your customer experience to reduce overall costs of IT spending.

Instead of paying the high cost of a full-time CIO, you probably don’t need them all the time. Fractional CIOs will work with your organization a few hours a week and get to know your company intimately and all the business best practices and trends for your industry.

If you haven’t tested your business continuity or disaster recovery plans, are you confident they will work when you need them?

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