Misled or Misinformed: How Business Owners Stunt Their Growth By Listening to Insecure Employees

When you’re a leader, you rely on your team members to tell you the truth, So that you can make thoughtful decisions and feel confident that you know what’s happening. Most repay your trust with truthfulness. But sometimes, you’re faced with an employee who bends the truth too far or lies to you outright. When this happens, it is one of the most challenging managerial situations to meet because it’s hard to be sure what’s happening or tell yourself that you must be mistaken.

I have said for years that CEOs of companies are only as smart as those around them. I still believe this, and I know CEOs are brilliant. However, a company can often have slow or stifled growth because the CEO listened to their employees who were afraid of change for many reasons. 

We all want to believe that employees are great. As intelligent managers, we think we can spot deceptive behaviors in an interview and background checks. We tell ourselves we have hired excellent and honest workers. Unfortunately, employees sometimes lie or embellish their background and qualifications. Several times, I have seen individuals exaggerate their credentials to negotiate a more prestigious position. Exaggerating to get a job creates a destructive dynamic as they are now the expert and are relied on for this information. 

In addition, most companies have scaled back staff by reducing costs year after year to meet financial goals, resulting in outsourcing IT departments or running internally on a skeleton crew and having staff resource issues to accomplish new and innovative projects. Still, rarely are employees incompetent; usually, they lack the skills and understanding for the job.

Here are Some Reasons Why Employees can Mislead or Misinform You.

  1. They lack the training or knowledge to keep up with new technologies or changes in best practices for your industry.
  2. They lack the understanding of the CEO’s goals and how they apply to their department.   
  3. They lack the experience to seek out what they don’t know.
  4. They are overly burdened with their current workload and lack the motivation to take on more.

Being in the IT Industry for over 25 years, change has been all that I have experienced. I started programming in machine language (strictly 1’s and 0’s) and COBOL, worked on the first PCs and Mainframes, and even saw large companies through the Y2K crisis. There has been lots of change, and I have been excited about each new change as I have learned more and more about it. 

I also know the perception of “Consultants” that we are bad people only looking to break up employees and create chaos in companies. People hear the word and instantly think someone is trying to replace them. In today’s world, unless companies are actively sending their IT staff for training several times a year, there is no way for them to keep up with the ever-changing skills needed in the IT industry. 

The only way for a CEO to fulfill their visions is to hire consultants to help with long- and short-term projects, especially in a technical arena. Here are some reasons why:

  1. They are consultants for a reason. They are not looking to work for you as an employee; they don’t want anyone’s job. 
  2. They will have experience in a wide range of technology from different companies and industries and keep up with new and emerging trends.
  3.  They will have an extensive network of providers they can call on to help clients with projects and fill gaps in knowledge. 

JAYCO CIO Services

As consultants, our mission is to educate, mentor, and help move our clients forward. We believe that people are good at their jobs, and when they fall short, it is usually because of a lack of experience or knowledge. We can help clients with career path training plans and strategic road maps to incorporate new technologies that can help streamline your company. 

With our flexible engagement arrangements, there is no long-term commitment. Because we believe you should only pay for what you need, so whether you need someone for a few hours a week or on a project basis, we can help you right now. 

At JAYCO CIO Services, we don’t do anything besides CIO services. Right now, we are offering 50% off our CIO Assessment. The assessment is an excellent way to get to know us. We will work with your executive officers, stakeholders, and IT team to show you where you are deficient and supply you with a report to increase your understanding of where you need help.  

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