You might be asking yourself, “Am I safe?”

The answer is no. And the question should not be how to protect your company from ransomware, but when will you be hit? Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts data and demands ransom payments for its release. It’s a growing threat that has already cost Colonial Pipeline $4.4 million in ransom. What will you have to pay?

This can happen to any organization at any time – it could even happen to you! Protecting your business against ransomware starts with awareness and understanding of the risks involved. We’ll show you what steps are necessary so you can make informed decisions about protecting your company from these attacks.

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We are not an MSP. We are your fractional CIO

Managed Services Providers (MSP) and very good outsourced IT departments. They handle a variety of things, from monitoring your desktop to making sure patches are up to date, but they work on a mostly reactive mode.

As a Fractional or Virtual CIO, your IT group will have a visionary that will help with the growth of your IT Infrastructure and prepare you for the future. It’s your CIOs responsibility to create the strategy and roadmaps and risk mitigation for your future.

How are we different from an MSP?

There are a lot of Managed Services companies that are typically larger in size, stocked with mainly low-level technical talent and looking to expand their offering to include vCIO and high level business consulting. They see this as their ticket to increased hourly rates and a value proposition more suitable for “same-side selling.”


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CIO Advisory Subscription Service

As part of our subscription service, you get an experienced CIO who will intimately learn and understand your company, the stakeholders and culture to advise your C-Level executives. Below are the 12 areas we cover as part of your subscription.

Build a Business-Aligned IT Strategy

Everything IT does should support the business. A list of projects is not a strategic plan. A good strategy clearly links IT initiatives to business goals. A well-crafted IT strategy is critical to enhancing business stakeholder satisfaction and building relationships with business stakeholders.

Build an Information Security Strategy

Just because you haven’t identified a breach doesn’t mean you’re secure. A good security program is proactive about closing security gaps because ignorance is never blissful.

Build an IT Budget

IT cost pressure is fueled by negative sentiment; IT can be perceived as a high cost that does not deliver value. Creating detailed budgets for the IT infrastructure must be constructed transparently, but too much detail results in confusing complexity.

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy

You need a project portfolio management (PPM) strategy to help bring order to IT’s project activity. With the right PPM strategy, you can ensure that you’re driving the throughput of the best projects and maximizing stakeholder satisfaction with IT.

Disaster Preparedness

The myth that a DRP is only for major disasters leaves organizations vulnerable to more common incidents such as ransomware which is a high-profile threat that demands immediate attention. Organizations large and small hit by ransomware make the news every week.

Cloud Readiness

Organizations jump to the cloud before defining their cloud vision and without any clear plan for realizing the cloud’s benefits. Executives often see the cloud as an outsourcing opportunity, which doesn’t take into consideration its true value proposition.

Data Governance

Organizations face challenges from explosive data growth (volume, velocity) and the need to use more new data sources like social media (variety) to remain in business, putting a strain on enterprise data management.

Application Rationalization

Almost two-thirds of organizations report that they have too many or far too many applications due to sprawl from poorly managed portfolios, and application managers are spending too much time supporting non-critical applications and not enough time on their most vital ones.

IT Asset Management

Hardware and software asset management programs yield a large amount of useful data. Unfortunately, this data is often underutilized. Departments within IT become data siloes, preventing effective use of the data.

Cybersecurity Awareness

The fast evolution of the cybersecurity landscape requires security training and awareness programs that are frequently updated and improved.

Vendor Management

As IT services and products continue to become outsourced, IT is increasingly dependent on external vendors, and a transaction-based approach becomes insufficient to guarantee continued value. When IT does not manage these vendors properly, performance levels can drop and fail to deliver essential services – and IT is left accountable.


Annual Recap with Senior Management

Probably the most important step of the CIO Subscription is the recap with the C-Level executives and make sure the CEO-CIO visions are aligned as well as checking end-user satisfaction to help set goals for the next year.

How we work –

Our processes have been built and proved over 24 years using a combination of best practices and real world use. As a subscriber you will be assigned an experienced CIO who can advise you and/or your exsisting CIO. You will get 10 hours a week to meet with the CIO Advisor and if you would like they can participate in board meetings. We will do the legwork on the assessments working with your key stakeholders and verifying the information.

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