Cloud Computing for Every Business

In today’s modern world, technology is vital to every business. With its advances taking over every aspect of our life, there comes uncertainty of how we should navigate the plethora of new and emerging technologies. Who do you hire? What do they need to know? And how can you invest in your company without spending a fortune and without wasting what you are already spending? 

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Chapter 1
What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services – from applications to storage and processing power – typically over the internet and on a pay as you go basis. It enables the user to manage, process and store data remotely. This service is typically used through a server in a data center or a personal computer. A company buys access to storage from cloud service providers, as well as via access to applications.

Owning one’s own Information Technology (IT) infrastructure can be difficult and expensive to maintain. It is a far better option to pay for what one uses only when one has to use it. The best part is that you can pay on a monthly subscription basis rather than having to pay a large upfront capital expense. By utilizing the cloud companies that use cloud computing services, firms can benefit from economies of scale by taking advantage of the huge buying power and the cost savings associated with cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Characteristics and Benefits
Trading Capital Expense (CapEx) for Operating Expense (OpEx)
Instead of budgeting capital expenditures and investing heavily in servers, data centers, power, and cooling, without actually knowing how you’re going to be using them, you can pay for the computing resources that you consume and only pay for how much you consume.

Benefit from Massive Economies of Scale
There are thousands of users utilizing the cloud, which helps providers benefit from economies of scale, which ultimately leads to lower-as-you-go prices. This means that by using cloud computing, you actually have to pay less than what you would have paid on your own.

Stop Guessing Capacity
Whilst creating an application, you might have to worry about the infrastructural capacity needs and make a decision about setting up the capacity. This can lead to either having too many idle resources at hand or having limited capacity. However, with cloud computing, this problem goes away since you can use only what is required as you scale up and down.

Increase Speed and Agility
Development happens at a fast pace when using cloud computing to support developers. When using cloud computing, IT resources are only a click away – resources which would have otherwise taken weeks to deliver. This increases the agility for the organization by decreasing the cost and time needed to experiment on projects and to develop them.

Stop Spending Money on Running and Maintaining Data Centers
The time you would have spent on stacking, racking, and powering servers can now be spent on your customers. With cloud computing, you can focus on projects that will help differentiate your business rather than your infrastructure.

Go Global in Minutes
Cloud computing allows you to launch your application in multiple regions of the world within a matter of a few seconds. This means that you can provide your customers with lower latency a better experience and charge them the minimal cost to access your application.

Cloud Computing Can Save Companies’ a Majority of their IT Related Expenses
Cloud computing is a fast-growing industry. It allows users to access their data from anywhere via the internet. However, there have been apprehensions on the part of users around security, reliability, getting businesses, and understanding how they can use this as a hybrid to their own enterprise. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over 5000 Government agencies, 3000 Educational and Non-profit organizations, and over 17500 Businesses availing its services. In addition to AWS, there are many others that use a hybrid of cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as a few other smaller providers.

Companies with sprawling infrastructures have the money and budgets to support large costs. They are mainly just concerned about a lack of control over the servers and security while using cloud computing. However, companies with pre-established computing capabilities should also look into this option and not dismiss it outright. Hybrid cloud computing offers huge financial and operational benefits, with spending on technology infrastructure kept at a minimal. Costs will drop in the following areas:

Lower Hardware Procurement Cost
Capital expenses can be reduced because instead of paying for in-house hardware equipment and operating systems, you could save up on this expense. Cloud computing usually has no licensing fee with a few exceptions – for example, Microsoft products come at a cost, but it has a lower monthly cost.


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In today’s every changing world of technology, everyone whether qualified or not seems to be an expert on Cloud Technologies and because of this there is so much misinformation available to anyone who does a search. It is because of this reason “Cloud Computing for Every Business” was written.

 Written without bias to who is a better provider. It is designed to give you, the non-technical professional good information on the cloud who the big players are and why cloud computing is a great option for reducing your technology spending and increase your profitability.

 With 94% of technology enterprises using cloud technology today. You should work with a cloud consultant to see how today’s technology can work for you. Be it a new profit center for your company, or a way to improve your customers’ experience, even offering telework solutions for your employees. This book can give you a basic understanding to help you better decide which cloud consultant or solutions you should use.

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I have a small business where I am a travel agent. When I read this book I was captivated from the beginning through the end. There are a lot of things that I did not know about cloud computing and how they would be useful to my business. I had previously been a website developer but had gotten out of the field a while ago and never really took an interest in learning much about cloud computing. This book has taught me how I can utilize cloud computing to enhance how I run my business.

This book on The Cloud was informative, interesting, and revealing. Jay A. Cohen is truly an expert on the subject. Whether you’re a small business with 5 employees or a larger entity with 500 employees, this book is a must read. The Cloud is the reality for future businesses, and this book will walk you through the pros and cons and provide insight on its best utilization for your business.

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